Risk Management & Threat Mitigation

At the SentrySix Defense Group we recognize these threats and we are here to help you with the specific threats you, your family, business or employees may encounter. Our experts will meet with you and evaluate your current situation. We will identify potential threats and we will help you with every step to analyze the threats and risks, and provide solutions. Our security consultants and protection specialists are special operations centric and are truly the best in the industry. 

Threat Vulnerability and Assessments (TVA)

Our firm has become recognized as one of the best firms, by corporations large and small, when it comes to assessing risks. The SentrySix® Defense Group's, Counter-Terrorism and Emergency Preparedness program, provides a comprehensive security operations and continuity planning against a potential attacks or other catastrophic events. Our goal is to eliminate potential gaps in security and optimize emergency response capability. This will significantly lower risks and liabilities in the event of a catastrophic event. Our team of consultants will also assess your property to identify potential gaps in your current security and provide you with suggested solutions.  We analyze the full spectrum of potential threat areas for a facility or location.  We use the six step approach to ensure the analysis is as thorough and complete as possible. The six step approach includes: 

  1. Complete an audit of current security plans and emergency procedures
  2. Identify and Recognize the risks
  3. Profile the risks and vulnerabilities to the facility/property
  4. Inventory assets
  5. After Action Reporting
  6. Implement Solutions

Red Team Exercises
If you are interested in having your current security evaluated, or looking to put your employees to the test, then our Red Team is for you! Our team will work with you to test the vulnerabilities in the systems you currently have in place, and our teams will make attempts to penetrate your security to determine the weaknesses and identify vulnerabilities so you can improve your levels of protection. This service is also available as an added option to our Threat and Risk Assessments. 

​We will offer you a FREE initial threat assessment to identify your vulnerabilities, and we will recommend to you a no obligation solution. This assessment is of absolutely no charge to you. Contact us today to learn more.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.